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 Repair and Replacement



Precision Exteriors provides our residential customers with expert craftsmanship and quality roofing products and services from complete replacements and preventative maintenance to roof repairs and ongoing inspections. We pay close attention to details throughout the entire process offering the highest quality materials that are inspected prior to installation to ensure they meet your standards.

An aging roof is unattractive and can expose your home to extensive leaks resulting in costly water damage. Our contractors are skilled at tracking down the source of leaks and implementing a long-lasting solution. Older roofs lead to higher heating and cooling bills to keep a home comfortable.  New roofing materials provide energy efficient solutions. Roof repair is effective for addressing isolated problems, but when your entire roof becomes worn and weak, it’s time for replacement.

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If you’re uncertain if it is time for a roof repair or replacement, just  call us for an assessment. Precision Roofing’s knowledgeable experts will assist you determine the right solution for your situation. 

Gutter Repair or Replacement

metal roof with gutter

Maintaining your home’s gutter system involves cleaning and integrity inspections that many homeowners do not perform. Roofing and gutter repair is crucial to sustaining your gutter system over time. Exposure to harsh elements is unavoidable but proper roof gutter repair and maintenance can prevent damage to your gutters and home. Gutter damage can result from heavy rainstorms, windstorms, or ice dams.  Under these conditions, gutters can detach from the house resulting in expensive damages to the property.

Clogged Gutters

A gutter functions to carry water from your roof to a designated area on your property. When a gutter is clogged by debris during heavy rainfalls, drainage of the roof can stop or slow.  Improper drainage causes rot to fascia boards, and allows water to enter walls and  ceilings.

Sagging Gutters

Sagging gutter repair is required when the weight of leaves, dirt, and twigs  clogging the gutter cause it to sag.

Holes and Leaking Gutters

Clogging creates holes in gutters resulting in water leaks that damage property.

Improperly Pitched Gutter

Proper installation of a gutter system requires a professional that can gauge the slope of a roof. A roof’s slope angle must be at least a quarter-inch for every 10 feet of gutter. If there is standing water on a roof, the pitch of the roof needs to be adjusted.


Many factors lead to gutter corrosion: poor handling and storage, poor installation, and clogs are a few.. Gutter corrosion can result in gutter failure such as leaks and breakage.


Bees, wasps, rodents, termites, chipmunks are common pests that live in  gutters. Debris in gutters attracts these rodents especially if the roof is near trees allowing  them easy access.  These pests and their nests block drainage causing damage to the gutter system.


Gutter Repair 1How Do You Know
If You Need A Replacement Rather Than Gutter Repair?

  • There is a dent, bulge or hole in the gutter. 
  • There is water damage caused by overflow. 
  • Gutter sections keep separating after repair.
  • There is damage from clogs and rodents.

Things to Consider

Age – The age of the gutter system affects the expense of Gutter repairs. An older gutter system requiring continual repair may become more expensive than the installation of a new system.  

Materials Needed – The type of gutter system such as aluminum, plastic, copper, or cast iron and the required repair determines the cost of materials.  The variance in price of different  materials can make it more cost-efficient to replace the gutter system.

Gutter Repair Cost – In addition to material expenses, repair costs depend on the overall size of the gutter, the size and condition of the roof, and the number of floors in the house.. 


What to Expect 

  • Inspection by our professional repair team of the damaged area and the entire gutter system for additional gutter problems that require repair.
  • Cleaning of gutter debris. 
  • Quality repairs in a timely manner.


Choose A Gutter Expert! 

Professional gutter system repair improves a home’s curb appeal. Precision Exteriors provides quality workmanship and service. We ensure that your gutters will last for many years to come. Request a FREE quote today!