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Precision Exteriors provides our residential customers with expert craftsmanship and quality roofing products and services from complete replacements and preventative maintenance to roof repairs and ongoing inspections. We pay close attention to details throughout the entire process offering the highest quality materials that are inspected prior to installation to ensure they meet your standards.

An aging roof is unattractive and can expose your home to extensive leaks resulting in costly water damage. Our contractors are skilled at tracking down the source of leaks and implementing a long-lasting solution. Older roofs lead to higher heating and cooling bills to keep a home comfortable.  New roofing materials provide energy efficient solutions. Roof repair is effective for addressing isolated problems, but when your entire roof becomes worn and weak, it’s time for replacement.

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If you’re uncertain if it is time for a roof repair or replacement, just  call us for an assessment. Precision Roofing’s knowledgeable experts will assist you determine the right solution for your situation. 

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Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingles roofs are bar for the most common roof used in the Eastern mid-Atlantic region due to the flexibility of the shingle and the cost-effectiveness and wide range of styles. They are inexpensive and efficient.

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Clay Tile Shingle

If it’s style you’re going for, tile shingles can be molded in several different shapes and are often seen on properties that have a colonial Spanish or Mediterranean style.

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Composite Shingle

Composite shingles, a mixture of new and often recycled plastics, wood, paper, asphalt and fiberglass. Slightly more expensive than asphalt, but usually last longer and perform a little better.

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Metal Shingle

If the roofline of your home is steep or flat, you may want to opt for a metal roof. Made with either constructed or solid metal, this type of roof is both durable and enduring.

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Slate Shingles

Last anywhere from 80-100 years. Best water and damage resistance properties. Can come in several color options like green, black, gray or red.

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Wood Shingle

Wood shake shingles are unique and give your home a classic look. Not always allowed nor recommended due to fire hazards and building codes.

Residential Roof Installation

Roofing ServicesThe roof installation process is an extremely important one, as the quality of the job and products used will govern the functionality, beauty, and longevity of the finished product. Precision Exteriors provides superior products and a diverse range of options to meet customer needs. We’ll guide you every step of the way, offering our expertise in choice of roof style to finishing touches and cleanup.


Residential Roof Systems

Asphalt shingles might be the most popular roofing material, but it’s not the only option. Whether you desire a traditional style, high-end finishes or require adherence to HOA regulations, we will assist you in selecting  the best roofing system for your needs. If you are concerned about an  issue with your current roofing system or to check its integrity, we can help. Call us to request a FREE consultation.

Commercial Roofing

Comercial Medal RoofWe have years of experience installing top quality commercial roof repair in the Maryland/Delaware region. Our commercial roofs are the perfect blend of premium materials and affordable cost. A building with quality commercial roofing is important to protect your business’ assets.  Commercial roofs are your first line of defense against water damages, mold, insects, heat, and cold.

A quality commercial roof and drainage system can save you thousands in property and structural damage. An old or poorly-installed roof requires frequent repairs to prevent property damage and maintenance is costly.

Whether you are looking for a metal or TPO roof designed to make your building more energy efficient to reduce electrical costs, Precision Exteriors is certified as a Firestone Red Shield installer and as a GAF Certified Installer. Our large selection of roofing types and materials guarantees that you will get a superior commercial roof. We offer lifetime warranties, financing options, and are licensed and bonded to give you peace of mind.


Commercial Roof Systems

We install a variety of commercial roof systems from EPDM and modified bitumen to TPO and metal roofing. If you need assistance to select the most effective and least expensive, our knowledgeable team will assist you.

Commercial Roof
Repair & Replacement

In some commercial buildings, it may be possible to install a new roof over the existing roof. In other cases, the old roofing must be completely removed before installation of the new roof. Our professional installers will assure that the new roof is installed properly and is durable without unneeded costs.

The safety of your commercial property and assets depend upon the quality of the roof above it. A roof leak often requires costly repairs or replacement.. In Maryland, you can rely on Precision Exteriors for fast and effective commercial roof repair or replacement.

Commercial Roof

Enhance and protect your roof with specially formulated commercial roof coatings that are professionally applied and maintained by Precision Exteriors. The coatings minimize UV damage, keep your roof cooler, and improve its water-resistant qualities.


Instead of reactively repairing persistent leaks, invest in a proactive roof maintenance plan. Depending on the age and condition of your roof, Precision Exteriors can recommend a maintenance schedule that will meet your budget and the structural needs of your roof. Don’t wait until a leak in your roof becomes evident, preventative maintenance locates and addresses weak spots before they become damaging leaks.

Roof Inspections
and Certifications

Although you can see portions of your roof from the ground, this visual inspection doesn’t always reveal hidden problems. A thorough roof inspection by a trained roofing contractor is the best way to stay on top of maintenance and repairs. Whether you want to know the condition of your roof, or your lender or buyer is requesting an official certification, Precision Exteriors is a certified Maryland roofing contractor authorized to perform roof inspections. If the inspection reveals problems, we can perform roof repairs right away.